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May 31, 2010

This week Gene answered:

  • Will tapping right before bed keep you up?
  • Is it possible to tap for things that happen that our subconscious mind is perceiving, but our conscious mind is not?
  • How do I tap for seasonal allergies?
  • How do I tap for Male Pattern Baldness?
  • How do I tap for weight loss?

May 21, 2010

Our ability to be successful with any task is not dependent just on our skill set, but also our mental frame of mind before, during, and after we take action. This frame of mind can impact not only our ability but also how we learn new tasks and improve our skill. In this podcast I talk to Jared Tendler. Jared works...

May 6, 2010

In a number of Gary Craig's original EFT DVDs he talked about how helpful knowing and understanding NLP concepts are.  I can speak from my own experience at how valuable these principles, concepts, and techniques are when working with clients or doing self-work.  In this pod I interview the National Foundation Of Neuro...