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Mar 26, 2014

On the surface it might not seem like an obvious connection, but in many ways fear of failure and fear of success are the opposite sides of the same coin.

Fear of failure is concerned about what goes wrong when things don't work out.  Fear of success is concerned about what goes wrong when things do work out. (And, yes,...

Mar 19, 2014

Self-sabotage can be so frustrating. There are times when we know exactly what we need to be doing, yet we still choose the wrong course of action.

Sometimes I can see myself getting in my own way and I am amazed at how creatively I self-sabotage.  If it didn't negatively impact my life I would almost think it is...

Mar 12, 2014

EFT is such a powerful tool that we all know that we should "try it on anything."  Even though most of us have tried it on anything we haven't taken it to the extremes.  Most of have tapped for deep and powerful issues, but not in moments that are literally life or death.

Deborah Miller has done just that.  She works...

Mar 5, 2014

There is no question that we are impacted by our past.  That seems so obvious that it doesn't even seem worth commenting on.

Nevertheless I think it is easy to underestimate how some past experiences impact us. 

In my private sessions with clients it is amazing how often we find our way back to roots planted firmly in...