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May 27, 2015

A few weeks ago I was at a conference in which Daniel Pink was talking about the sales process. One of the stories he talked about was a door to door brush salesman. He wasn't talking about someone from some bygone era.

He was talking about a man who in 2015 sells brushes door to door in the business district of San...

May 20, 2015

When it comes to using EFT effectively I think that Jondi Whitis is one of the best. She is insightful, deliberate, and so compassionate. (She is also a great trainer if you are looking to up your tapping game.)

Every year she hosts a wonderful event outside NYC called the Spring Energy Event. (You should join the...

May 13, 2015

I love receiving questions from my listener and readers. They help me to understand what the community needs and how I can best serve you.

You can always ask a question here.

The question I get more than any other is "What are the right tapping phrases for [insert issue]?" (emphasis added)

I can understand where this...

May 6, 2015

Today's epidsode is sponsored by PRM

Over the last few years I have noticed a pattern with a number of my clients. It would play out something like this...

  • Client would come to me with an issue
  • We would work to find the root cause
  • They would have relief for a few weeks
  • The symptoms would come back
  • We would do more work...