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Dec 30, 2019

It seems like every client I've worked with in the last ten days has asked me about using tapping to help them to sleep better.

Daily stress is a common cause of sleep disruption because our systems can get caught up in trying to solve the problems of the previous day and consumed with the worries of tomorrow.

In this...

Dec 25, 2019

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Even though we spend most of our time tapping to try to reduce emotions, emotions are not our enemy. Our emotional response is our internal guidance system trying to keep us safe and on track.

Fear is an extremely helpful emotion in that it helps us to see danger BUT problems arise if our fear...

Dec 23, 2019

This is really embarrassing, but it’s a true story.

I live in New York City, a pedestrian city where most people don’t drive. Even when you take mass transit you still need to walk a lot just to get around. The subway stop I use most is 3/4 of a mile walk from my apartment.

As a result, people here tend to be...

Dec 18, 2019

On a recent episode of the Judge John Hodgman podcast, one of the litigants (when talking about her husband) said "I want him to have what he wants. I just want him to want something different."

That is such a relatable sentiment. Sometimes we believe we can see the best path for our loved ones, but at the exact same...

Dec 16, 2019

When we are wanting to take action, it is very easy for us to be stuck because of worry. Worry is nothing more than a part of us trying to keep us safe by keeping an eye out for everything that could possibly go wrong.

The problem is that the part of us that worries, often worries way too much. The size of the concern...