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May 25, 2009

There are few wounds that run deeper than being part of a decision about abortion. In this pod I talk with Dene Ballantine about how it is possible to heal this type of wound. Dene offers expertise from her own story and her practice. There are many pearls of wisdom in this interview for anyone who is trying to heal.

May 15, 2009

Every issue we have exists because it is functional on some level (example: fears are trying to protect us). The problem is these tend to create problems in our daily lives, due to misinformation or protection from something beneficial (example: irrational fear of water). This can slow the healing process because we are...

May 5, 2009

After podcast #7 (Sensitive Temperaments) I was inundated with requests. Lots of readers and clients said something to the effect of, “Rue was talking about me. I never knew what was going on. Now that I know this is who I am, what do I do about it?”

In this episode I go through five of my favorite ways of...